Finca San Andres: Single Origin Coffee from Ecuador

Finca San Andres is a specialty grade single origin, single estate coffee from Ecuador. It is an organic, high-elevation shade grown coffee roasted in small batches in the capitol city of Quito. This truly farm-to-cup coffee is available directly from Rio Intag Trading Company.

Finca San Andres whole bean specialty coffee from Ecuador

Finca San Andres, Intag Valley Ecuador

After discontinuing the Rio Intag lot I wrote about last year due to roasting inconsistencies, they started looking for a replacement. They found it in Finca San Andres, a single estate, shade grown coffee roasted by a small batch roaster in the capitol city of Quito. It cupped at an 86+ in Ecuador, putting it in the specialty quality grade. They currently offer a dark and medium roast for sale on their website.

Medium Roast

The medium roast will be familiar to anyone accustomed to traditional American coffee. It has nutty aromas and a smooth body with notes of cocoa and dried hops and very little acidity. It's on the darker side of medium, I'd say it's a solid Full City if not a Full City+. The origin characteristics are mild, tempered by roasted notes throughout that linger on the palate.

Dark Roast

The dark roast, exhibits strong roasted notes, as a dark roast should. None of the origin characteristics make it into the flavor profile. It has a smokey aroma with a robust body and bittersweet aftertaste. As a cold brew, the smokiness cuts back slightly and some of the origin characteristics come back. Most notably, the aroma takes on a chocolatey note and the body brings in a mild flavor of tobacco.

Pour over C70 coffee dripper Finca San Andres single origin coffee from Ecuador
Specialty quality coffee from Ecuador

Who is this coffee for?

Who should order this coffee? If you're one who really enjoys traditional American coffees, you'll be right at home with these in your cup. So why pick this coffee over something you can pick up at the grocery store? Because you're getting a product that directly benefits the people who work so hard to produce it.

Subscribe and Save

Rio Intag Trading Company now offers a 30-Day auto ship subscription program. For $35 a month, two pounds of coffee will show up at your door, no reminders needed. You'll get $5 off when you sign up and the shipping is always free!

Coffee from Ecuador, Finca San Andres in the Intag Valley