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Recently, I put out a call on Instagram for new roasters, and I got a huge response! In the midst of those responses, my friend, Michael Rochin, sang the praises of Yucaipa, California local roaster, Abide Coffee Roasters. He and I had been talking back and forth about different coffees for a while and Abide came up multiple times during that correspondence. Michael had especially good things to say of their Ethiopia Guji Gigesa. I knew I had to get my hands on some. So I reached out to Abide and they kindly sent me some to try out!

(By the way, my friend Michael is an awesome photographer, you should check out his work)

Abide Coffee Roasters

I appreciate and connect with small businesses that decide to transcend the pursuit of growth alone and opt to use their business to also make an impact. Team Eddy at Abide sees coffee not just as a delicious beverage and profitable product, but also as a way to love on people in need. They’ve built their brand around the mission statement of “Love People Through Coffee.” That mission informs every aspect of their business model. Their coffee provides a means to give back both locally and globally.

Local San Bernadino Coffee Roaster Abide
Local Yucaipa California Coffee Roaster Ethiopia Natural


Abide sources their coffee from Genuine Origin, a project run by Volcafe. In 2014, Volcafe undertook an initiative to research and develop a sustainable approach to sourcing high quality coffees. That approach includes a farmer support organization that provides technical assistance to help producers improve their coffee quality. That support team also helps farmers work with a sustainable and profitable business model. This model allows Genuine Origin to not only buy green coffee at a fair price but also help set the farmers up for success year after year.

Giving Back

In order to bring their mission statement local, Abide donates 10% of their profits to organizations like the Family Service Association of Redlands. FSA operates as a safety net for the less fortunate in their community. They provide assistance with basic needs like food, housing, and clothing. With the goal of self-sufficiency, they believe in offering a hand up, not just a hand out. Read more about Abide, their mission and their partners on their website.

Ethiopia Guji Gigesa Natural Heirloom Coffee fruity floral light roast

Ethiopia Guji Gigesa

So, now you know Abide’s mission, but how’s the coffee right? Don’t worry, it’s delicious. This Ethiopia Guji Gigesa typifies everything I love most about naturally processed Ethiopian coffees. A floral bouquet hits your nose as soon as you open the bag and takes on a berry sweetness during the bloom. The initial sip hits the palate with a juicy pop of cherry that mellows into a wonderfully tart blueberry. As the coffee moves to the back of the mouth, the fruity notes fade into a refreshing citrus aftertaste tempered by floral aromas that linger pleasantly on the palate.

Brewing ethiopia natural locally roasted coffee


I tried this coffee on a number of different brew methods. Not surprisingly, I really enjoyed the V60 at a 1:16 ratio using my standard recipe. I pulled a shot of espresso through my Prismo and found it to be too acidic to really enjoy it fully. By Michael's recommendation, I also tried this coffee as a cold brew using the single serving Aeropress recipe. It blew me away! The coffee exhibited a smooth, refreshing experience with mellow fruit and floral notes I don't normally find in cold brews. Cleary, this coffee really shines when brewed with a filtered recipe.

I highly recommend you give Abide Coffee Roasters a shot, last I checked, you could still get some of this delightful Ethiopia Guji Gigesa too! Though, I doubt it will last for long, so don’t wait!

Abide Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Guji Gigesa Natural Heirloom

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